April 14, 2015 Minutes

  1. Members Present: Meera Rupp, Bruce Abernethy, Edie Jones, Kerani Mitchell, Julie McMullin, Gonzalo Morales, Flora Morales
  2. Meeting Called to Order at 6:00 pm/ Meeting Ended at 8:00 pm
  3. BIS Mission
  • Review of Gala video
  • Skipped Core values activity due to time constraints
  • Review 4 program goals: Board looked at slide show and discussed the school’s mission.

  1. Facility Update
  1. Board discussed the OB Riley location.
  2. Pros/Cons of Site
  • Board determined that the location is close enough to intended location, so there is limited concern from Board about location–“location is not consistent with the ‘letter,’ but is with the ‘spirit’ of BIS’s goals.”
  • Regarding pros and cons of location, the walkability/accessibility to site is a concern. We briefly discussed transportation options for students who cannot be driven to school.
  • Regarding Kevin Spencer’s plans and commitment to investing or developing the property, a 5-year least is not very long in the long, and Kevin’s developments would benefit the students and facility.
  1. Meera’s fundraising idea- $1/per person
  • Board liked the idea, but thinks that fundraising should be reserved for PTO and/or specific board member.
  • Bruce A. thinks it should be the Community Engagement board member.
  • Regarding parent involvement: survey will be conducted among BIS student parent/guardians to gauge interest and find appropriate parent to lead/collaborate with for fundraising, etc.
  1. BIS Board
  1. Review Board Positions & Duties
  • Board members accepted their appointments
  • EJ would like to be in an advisory role, with 2-year term.
  • GM Vice Chair
  • Board members need to determine at which point in their term they want to “start at.”
  • Term service 3 years: Need to vary our start dates, so that transitions in board are staggered. BA & MR work together on this.
  • Add attorney, other teacher, fundraising position (TBD)
  • MR non-voting member
  1. General responsibilities
  • BA to meet with novice board members to introduce them to board duties and practices
  • EJ thinks that Board Chair & Vice chair need to rotate.
  • Communications: Urgent messages must be responded to within 24-hours.
  • Board Governance & evaluation hierarchy: would like to discuss, determine, and add to policies soon.
  • Questions, things to determine:

-Will every person on the board have a specific advisory role?

-Everyone is a board member but has a specific role; determine roles

-Clarify board member role, vs. officer role.

C. Review BIS organizational chart (hierarchy, to be clarified)

D. Review separation of powers

  1. Board Training Schedule
  1. Discuss training topics & options

Take action on OSBA & Lottery

Pre-motion Comments:

  • BA thinks we need to formalize the lottery process, with MR negotiating with Bend-Lapine School District.
  • We discuss how lottery works, staring with 8th grade going down.
  • We give sibling priority, because we are a K-8 school and believe in keeping families together.
  • Address priorities: out of district applicants probably not getting in
  • How do we handle international applicant? We decide to accept international applicants as in-district applicants, so long as applicants’ parent/guardian guarantee a Bend address by start of school year.
  • Kerani raises issue with non-permanent addresses and guarantees.
  • No deferment allowed, if selected by lottery

Action: Board Moves to join OSBA to access all of their resources, which is necessary for us to get our PACE insurance.

  • $500 annual fee, covered by federal grant
  • BA moved to accept, 2nd by JM and fellow board members
  • Board moves to pass lottery protocol, as accepted by ODE with acceptance of founding members’ children, staff and Thurston neighborhood.
  • ODE recommends that we do waiver for 1-year (school year 2015-16)
  • School year 2016 onward, BIS will have weighted lottery
  1. BIS hiring committee update
  1. Review application procedure and materials/Stuart Young will serve as advisor
  • 4/26/15 Hiring Committee Meets
  1. Set Regular Board Meeting Times:
  • BA will send out doodle survey
  • Plan to meet monthly.
  • Each member will be assigned to different meeting to be in charge of food
  1. Lottery for 2015-16
  1. Discuss Lottery Policy & Procedures
  • Action: EJ moved to accept that the lottery procedures as stated in the doc with the ability of the director (MR), to negotiate with the district; BA seconds, with rest of board members accepting.
  1. Lottery scheduled for 4/16/2015, 10:30 CCO library
  1. Next Board Meeting: May

Review VIII a-e: Board policies: review list on agenda

  1. Board duties to be done: review list IX a-i