Before and After School Programs

Before-School Program Description

BIS Open Play:

Open to K-8. Monday-Friday, 7:30-9:00 AM. Early drop-off for students, no reservations required. This is a social fun time for students to hang out and play.  Students must sign in  when they get to the Big Room.





BIS After-School Program Descriptions


BIS Global Arts Program 

Open to K-8. Monday Tuesdays Thursdays, and Friday  3:30-5:30; Wednesday 2-5:30pm.  Runs all year long on school days only.  

Please sign up monthly.  Students must be picked up promptly and signed out.  Students should bring a healthy snack and water bottle to each session.

Join Señora Magdalena in a fun arts- based program that allows for creativity and student choice.  Students and teacher together will create an activity monthly calendar.  Ideas include:  Craft Day, Game Day, Art Day, World Language Day, etc.  Snack time and outside play time will also be included in the afternoons.  

The before/after care phone number is 541-213-9377

Price:  $7/day


Bend International School Fall After School Enrichment Programs, 2017


Ukelele Club

9/14/2017- 12/ 14/17  Thursdays 

Grades 2-4 3:30-4:00

5-8 3:30-4:30 


Join music teacher Señor Patrick and learn to play the ukulele.  $80 for session.  Register with   Ukuleles are provided.

9/13/2017- 12/13/17   Wednesdays
Grades K-4 2:00-2:30
Grades 5-8 2:30-3:30
Join Sr. Eric, founder/owner of Abstract in Motion, for Parkour- for the hardcore.  $80/session.  

Join music teacher  Patrick and learn to play the ukulele.  $80 for session.  Register with   Ukuleles are provided.