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May 26, 2015, Board Minutes

BIS Board Meeting Minutes
May 26, 2015
Meeting Called to Order: 6:30; Adjourned: 8:06
Members Present: Bruce Abernethy, Edie Jones, Meera Rupp, Julie McMullin, Kerani Mitchell, and Flora Morales
Absent: Gonzalo Morales

1. Moment to Mission: Core Values Activity-skipped

2. Motion to Accept Minutes from April meeting:
• JM moved to accept May minutes, BA seconded, approved by all present.

3. Facility Update:
• Facility plans moving forward as planned. Kevin Spencer closes on O.B. Riley location on 5/27. Construction starts next week.
• BIS needs to address issue of no money for the field Ideas: BYOD; we need 350 yards of dirt; help? Bring your Own Dirt (BYOD) program sounds feasible. KM: What about reaching out to developers who are taking dirt away for pre-existing projects? Do more research on BYOD/Dirt sources.
a) Paint/colors: Board needs to drive around to look for buildings/colors they like. Preference for green with orange trim.
b) International flags: UN flags, covered by grant. Settled with flags for walls, and centerpiece for office with small international flags for the desk.
c) Solar panels:
• We will wait for 2016-17 year to apply for grant support to fund solar panel project with Sunlight Solar. Hope to work with passionate teacher, student and/or BIS community member to initiate/head project..
• Need to demonstrate how our curriculum ties into conservation/energy efficiency efforts and school’s mission
d) Plans/challenge for kids: School-wide challenge for kids to submit their ideas about school design and ideas—going well.

4. Budget update:
• Title I funds will most likely come through.
• We get more funds for MS over elementary.
• Anticipate raising money through community outreach for: money for field trips, projects, etc.
• Budget is modeled after REALMS budget with 150 students.
• Issues with health insurance costs: Original budget $400/month per FTE; the actual cost is $600, and it could go up in the next month.
Review Grant:
• Does not cover operating costs
• Year Two Covers: 18K for substitutes to help the teachers take time off to build curriculum during the year—for professional development.
• Fundraising Ideas & Goals: Highland and REALMS raise 50-60K year. Highland is a giving campaign. REALMS had the giving show with special events. Highland had 400 kids; REALMS 150.

5. Insurance policies and procedures:
a) OSBA membership submitted/PACE insurance (including Board Members Insurance will be in place shortly)
• Insurance is really expensive. 7/1 we will get our PACE and Board member insurance.
b) Health insurance for staff options: we’re offering two plans.
1. HSA option; high deductible plan with HSA element. Need to pay first 3000 out of pocket but due to the high cost savings with PPO.
2. We are providing full medical, vision and dental insurance to FTE staff; 100% of premium. We cannot cover the dependents or spouses.
Things to consider: Opportunity to opt out and receive cash stipend instead. This is for some of our employees who already have insurance through their spouse. This would be set at $400/month. The stipend is not tied to the teacher’s salary. The district does this as well. It’s important to make distinction of STIPEND, NOT salary. We cannot pay for EA’s insurance. That’s something board should re-visit. Need to define FTE—MDR & JM will work to define and ratify via email. * Board Action: BA moves; JM seconds to offer an opt-out stipend to staff for not taking insurance. All approved.

6. Staffing Update: Recruitment for 2016, will start in December 2015, with a focus on international/bilingual candidates.
a) New hires
• Kinder: Becky Daenzer, 4 years
• 1st: TBD
• 2nd/3rd:Carrie Caramella, 20 years experience
• 4th/5th: Amanda Bumbar, project director in Haiti and elementary teacher

Middle School:
• Science: Vidal Cid, from Mexico, physics teacher a RDM high, 11 years MS experience
• Language Arts: Josh Colvin, 6 years int’l experience; bilingual in Spanish
• Both have Masters, OR certification and above, with experience and bilingualism.
Gaps: MS Math, hiring committee has 3 interviews on 6/3
b) Contract review- Did not review—Will review in future.

7. School Policies Review- Meera 15 min
Policies in place:
a) Lottery-approved April 2015
b) Discipline-voted to approve
c) BA: May need to reword BIS Complaint #3: Action Plan Implemented
d) Student Conduct
• Board Action: BA entertains motion to approve policies before us with the understanding that we will re-visit these within the next two months. I move that the board move to accept the policies. JM: Seconds. All approve.
• Edie and Bruce will work to review the policies for review.

Policies to be developed:
JM: Adopt from other schools—look at REALMS; look at Bend-Lapine.
a) Homework: MR: we talked about minimizing, so HW policy is not too much, but is consistent with curriculum and differentiated instruction.
b) Sweets/Sugar: Plan to limit, will review Bend-Lapine and other policies.
c) No Violence/War toys
d) Missing of School Days/# of days allowed: no more than 10 consecutive days
e) Other
f) JM: what about electronics in school?
g) KM: what about facilities for transgendered kids? TBD

8. Decide on a regular monthly board meeting time/place:
• Board Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of the month, 6pm-8pm. Location: BIS Facility
• Board Retreat will be scheduled after school starts—Sept/Oct.
9. Board Homework
a) Trainings: OSBA website (Bruce and Meera choose one) Do on our own.
b) Diversity coordinator – KM & MDR will work on this; EJ will research other people to help.
MR: All teachers need to be highly qualified. 50% must be Oregon certified.
c) Website updater- ideas? (Note: Board Meetings must be announced on our website in advance. Kerani and Bruce can be website updaters together.
d) MDR & BA: will make Board contact list

10. Items for next month’s Board Meeting: Draft agenda will be sent 1-week in advance.

11. Invite to BIS Welcome Party and Orientation on June 7th at Sawyer Park.

April 14, 2015 Minutes

  1. Members Present: Meera Rupp, Bruce Abernethy, Edie Jones, Kerani Mitchell, Julie McMullin, Gonzalo Morales, Flora Morales
  2. Meeting Called to Order at 6:00 pm/ Meeting Ended at 8:00 pm
  3. BIS Mission
  • Review of Gala video
  • Skipped Core values activity due to time constraints
  • Review 4 program goals: Board looked at slide show and discussed the school’s mission.

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