Core Values

The following core values represent the heart of the philosophy at Bend International School. They set the tone, shape the vision, create the educational program, and will lead the school to reach its goals.


We Believe:

  • Tolerance and appreciation of human diversity need to be taught in the school environment. Our school will respect and appreciate cultural as well as other forms of diversity.
  • Every child is naturally motivated to learn; and that ideal learning takes place when students are interested in the subject matter being offered; therefore the curriculum will incorporate student choice and accommodate the needs of individual learners.

Bend International School

  • Each individual has her/his own learning style and unique way of expression, and that teaching and assessment need to encompass a diversity of styles and modalities.
  • Each child is a whole person; therefore we embrace an integrated educational model, incorporating physical, intellectual, and emotional domains.
  • Critical thinking and moral reasoning are essential skills. Students need to develop the ability to weigh choices and make educated decisions.
  • Teaching of non-violent communication and conflict resolution skills are necessary to help students resolve social problems among their peers and their society at large.
  • Educators, parents, and students work best when they form teams and work together: parental involvement and good communication are vital to the success of our program.

  • When students are respected as individuals, they learn to respect others.
  • Students need to participate in meaningful projects to benefit their local and global community. When students are involved in interdisciplinary projects, in which they see the value, and are challenged to apply learned skills from the classroom, mastery learning occurs.
  • Children experience a connection with the natural world through environmental education and the arts. We incorporate outdoor learning and service based learning into the curriculum.

  • Learning needs to be meaningful, and that integrated teaching is the best way to involve students as active learners.  We value hands-on experiments and activities that lend to real-world learning. Our STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics- focus is exemplifies interdisciplinary studies.

  • 21st century skills are vital in our global economy, and that international education is key to providing students these skills.


We Believe In:

  • Inclusion and immersion as models for special education and language learners.
  • The value of bilingualism. All students and teachers will work towards becoming bilingual.
  • Promoting a strong sense of connection within our learning community, where students and teachers build meaningful and trusting relationships.
  • A standards-based model of education in which teachers cover challenging grade level standards using integrated teaching,
  • All students need to be challenged and show progress, no matter their level of proficiency.