Integrated Education

Integrated Education Goals

  • To facilitate interdisciplinary culmination unit projects (3 per year) and class culminations with real world audiences (project- based learning)
  • To help students master basic skills and then apply them in meaningful work, correlated with the unit of study, providing for deeper learning
  • STEAM Focus: To integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics within the units of study and culmination projects. Music education is included within the Arts
  • To teach environmental education and stewardship, and allow children to experience a connection with nature
  • To provide opportunities for students to participate in meaningful projects to benefit their local communities and the world – students will apply learned skills from the classroom in the real world (Service-based learning)

BIS Integrated Studies Overview

BIS will divide the year into 3 multi-disciplinary integrated units of study. Every effort will be made to integrate subjects (and standards) into the theme of study. Reading, writing, science, social studies, math, art, music, and even P.E. will correlate learning activities to the theme, with the goal of enhancing learning. Classrooms will be transformed to represent the area of study- by teacher and students together.

The Director will work with teachers to develop units of study, however all units will be guided by Academic Content Standards, and certain units of study will be required for each grade. For example: 3rd grade- Native Americans and Indigenous Cultures, and 4th grade- Oregon. Teachers will also team-teach, and work together in the development and delivery of unit studies. Teachers working and planning together will lead to a richer curriculum. A multicultural and global focus will be part of each unit.

As a general guideline, yearly units of study will follow this structure:

1 unit- Social Studies based (BIS S.S. Standards)

1 unit- Science/technology/engineering and design based (BIS Science Standards)

1 unit- Global/Arts/ Language Arts based (BIS CCSS) incorporating teacher and student interest