International Education

International Education Goals

  • To promote diversity in Bend and multicultural understanding through our curricular program, our staff and student population, and our Sister-School exchange project
  • To promote global competence among students: the capacity and disposition to understand and act on issues of global significance. The four main skills of global competence are:
    1) Investigate the world: build knowledge of the world and the cultures who reside in it
    2) Recognize perspectives: the ability to understand multiple viewpoints
    3) Communicate ideas: the ability to communicate effectively with a diverse group of people
    4) Take action: the ability to design a plan and put it into effect to make changes in the world
  • To build 2nd language fluency in Spanish/English through the Immersion model of language instruction

International Education

The Three Commonalities of all International Schools:

  1. Diverse Staff and Student Population
  2. Curricular Goals of Global Competence
  3. World Language Program

Educating for Global Competence

This book is a fantastic resource for learning about educating for global competence by Veronica Boix-Mansilla and Tony Jackson.

Click the cover to download your copy. (PDF format. 4MB Filesize)

Educating For Global Competence book