Local-Global Lunch Program

Bend International School cooks lunches that reinforce internationalism throughout our students.  Each day’s lunch typically is a fusion of cuisines from around the world.  We now have our lunch menu and ordering system setup to be completed electronically.  All lunches must be ordered electronically.  Please click on the “Online Lunch Ordering” link below:

If you do not have access to a computer, please see Kim at the office and she can help establish an online account for you.  Also, if you participate in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program, please let Kim know once you have setup your online account and she can tag your account as participating in the program and you will not be charged.  Thank you for taking the time to setup your account and please let Kim know if you have any questions at:  541-797-7038.  

Bend International School (BIS) has a creative and healthy lunch program that is tied into our “local-global” philosophy and curricular goals.  

BIS is proud to participate in the National Lunch Program, which offers meals at free and reduced prices for qualifying families. Please fill out an application for this wonderful program.

Free Reduced Lunch Form (NFRL application):

Free Reduced Lunch Application  2019-20 English

Gratis y Reducido Applicacion de Almuerzo  2019-20 Espanol


The Free Reduced Lunch form will also be provided to students on the first day of school.


Local-Global Lunch Program