Mission and Vision

Bend International School Mission Statement

To empower students with an exemplary 21st century education by challenging them to excel academically and socially through integrated teaching with a global focus.


To increase academic achievement and love of learning for all students.

To help erase the achievement gap between students who are economically disadvantaged, students learning English as a 2nd language, and students of color, proving all students are capable of excelling academically. This will be demonstrated through student progress on academic goals, school-wide assessment methodologies, and increase in test scores.

To provide a standards-based integrated international model of education to all students: subjects and skills are linked together through a common theme that has local and global significance.


Bend International School Vision Statement

A global model for education: A diverse community of motivated learners applying skills and core academic content, based on high academic standards for all, through multi-disciplinary projects that benefit our local and global community. Students develop strong second language skills and global competence, a mastery of subject knowledge and skills, and an unwavering strength of character which allows them to become successful citizens and pursue their dreams.

Bend International School