Sister School Project

Every student and teacher at Bend International School will be matched up with a partner in Tlaquepaque, Mexico. They will exchange ideas, share projects, and communicate throughout the year. Classes may develop websites, upload videos , and collaborate together on projects. The middle school will travel to Mexico for a one week stay, to work with our Sister School students on community service based learning projects that are tied to curricular goals. The following year, students from Tlaquepaque will travel to Bend, OR, do homestays with our students’ families, and participate in local community service based learning projects here. Students will build real-world friendships and international understandings through this project.

Student Built Websites about Mexico and the Sister School Project 2015-16




La Cheeky Chancla A Culture and Arts Blog designed by Grace Bengston, Lalana Knowles, Serena Blackwood and Sachi Nishikiwa


Mexico Now   A news website designed by Miles Eaton, Ava Rupp, Olivia Taylor, Hazel Castizo-Rios, and Eann O’brien.

Viaje Mexico A travel website about the top destinations in Mexico.  Designed by Zoe Plummer, Jacob Smith, Rebecca Torres, Genesis Noriega, Erick Lopez, Anick Bernardo and Ella McMullin


Mujeres Ahora A website dedicated to Women’s issues in Latin America.  Designed by Rhys Schluter, Devan Fine, Simone Soto, and Violet Falls.


A website dedicated to Mexico designed by Jesse Pickett, Hailie Salinas, and David Jackson