Teacher Qualities and Skills

bend-international-school-logoBIS Teacher Qualities

  • Caring and supportive of every child, believing in every child’s capabilities
  • Respect for all children and their differences (backgrounds, learning styles, etc.)
  • Energetic and excited about teaching- has fun with students, and makes it enjoyable for all
  • Team player- enjoys collaborating with colleagues
  • Understands and believes in the importance of international education- knows how to build global competence into every subject and unit
  • Experience with integrated/interdisciplinary teaching and project-based learning model
  • Knows how to make learning meaningful
  • Values real-world learning; and making real-world connections every day
  • Creates a student-centered learning environment
  • Sets an example for students with personal communication, lifestyle and work habits- demonstrates and inspires wellness
  • Excellent communication skills with students, teachers, and parents (responds to all parent concerns within one day)
  • Values parent-community involvement and welcomes involvement in the classroom
  • Patient
  • Considers the whole child in looking for solutions
  • Reflective- always strives to improve their teaching practice
  • Basically a Super–Teacher! Willing to go the extra mile to help every child succeed.

Geography lesson

BIS Teacher Skills

  • Licensed/ qualified teacher
  • Knowledge/experience with international education
  • Experienced in interdisciplinary teaching using project-based learning
  • Cross-Cultural skills a must/Bilingual Skills a plus
  • Organized- classroom, lesson plans, time-management skills
  • Motivated and motivating- excited to do the job and gets everyone else excited to join in.
  • Experience, knowledge, and belief in student-centered classrooms- SEL education, Tribes Curriculum, classroom community , and agenda problem solving.
  • Demonstrates and teaches the 4 C’s of 21st Century Skills: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity.
  • Thinks outside the Box and encourages students to do the same!