World Language Program

BIS World Language Program: Spanish Immersion

All International Schools have a World Language Program, and for this component, BIS has adopted a Spanish Language Immersion Program. Spanish is chosen as the most frequently used language in our hemisphere. The Immersion Method of language teaching teaches language through the Natural Approach (Stephen Krashen) verses the Foreign Language Approach.

World language Spanish immersion

Classes are taught in the Spanish language. Students gain communicative competency through consistent exposure. Students at BIS will have continual daily immersion for half of their days in the Spanish language. Lunch period, electives, project based learning, and specials will all be conducted in Spanish. This consistent daily language experience will help students to develop their Spanish language fluency.

Native Spanish speakers will maintain their primary language and culture as well as develop more advanced reading and writing skills in their first language. These students will be the leaders during this portion of the day, promoting collaboration and teamwork for all.

The goal for BIS is for all students and staff to be bilingual. Our focus is on communicative fluency.