What will School Hours Be?

The same as regular school hours:
M, T, Th, F 9-3:30, W 9-2

What are the In-Person Learning procedures to minimize the spread of Covid-19?

What are the best ways to stop the spread of the virus?

Wear masks (properly fitting, not neck gaiters) Wash your hands frequently and before eating. Stay home when you are sick. Practice physical distancing when with people from outside your family.

Covid 19 FAQ

What is the transition plan for reopening for in person learning?

How will lunch be served during in-person learning?

Families will be able to order from the BIS lunch program, on our website.  Families on NFRL do not need to pay.  Lunches will be delivered to the classroom.  Students will eat outside whenever possible, and if eating inside they will distance more than 6 feet and ventilate by opening windows.

What if there is a COVID positive case within my child’s class?

You will be notified if your child was exposed to COVID and with any information regarding quarantining.  You may be notified by email and/or postal mail. We will work closely with our nurse and the LPHA to follow all health and safety protocols.

What should I do if a digital learning tool is not working?

Contact our technology integration specialist Elizabeth Colvin at elizabeth@bendinternationalschool.org

How should I talk to my child about the Covid 19 virus?

Talking to your child in an age appropriate manner is essential to maintain wellness during the outbreak.  Here is guidance from local public health officials and the CDC. 

How will schools in Oregon handle potential exposures to Covid-19 for the upcoming 2020-21 school year?

Bend International School will follow the guidelines that the Oregon Department of Education has outlined for how schools should deal with potential Covid-19 exposures and outbreaks.  The guidance can be found below. 

When will the COVID 19 vaccine be available for students and their families?

 Contact your health care provider to find out about the timing for your family to get vaccinated.