Maestra/Directora Meera was born in California, and has always been committed to the education profession.  She comes from a rich multicultural background with roots in India, Mexico, Singapore, and more. She graduated from Cal Poly State University with a Major in Education and a Minor in Spanish.  She then went into the Peace Corps, where she served as a Community Education Promoter in a rural village in the NW of the Dominican Republic for 3 years. Upon return she pursued her bilingual teaching credential from Northern Arizona University, and then her Masters in Educational Leadership from Sonoma State University.  Bend International School is an applied vision of educational best practice from around the globe, and international connection. BIS has been a lifetime dream of hers, to bring to fruition. She could not be more proud of the amazing work that Bend International School is doing by making the world come alive, for every student.







Meera Rupp Director and Teacher

Maestra Alica is a multilingual teacher. She is fluent in Spanish and English and proficient in French. As a native Spanish speaker with 12 years of professional teaching experience, promoting the educational development of students is one of her highest interests. She is creative in the development and implementation of dual-language lessons plans. She always tries to create an interactive atmosphere for students to accelerate learning. She believes that learning a second language allows students to increase their cultural knowledge, expand their horizons and access new sources of information.Alica has a bachelor’s degree from Universidad Anahuac Mexico Sur and majored in Marketing at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. She’s a Certified English Teacher from Instituto Britannia de México, S. C., and earned her Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education at Boise State University.  She recently moved to Bend from Boise, ID, where she taught Spanish for two years. She loves biking, swimming, tennis, cinema and traveling with her family. She’s a mother of three awesome youngsters and the parent of a wire-haired Pointer.

Alica Delgado Kindergarten Teacher

Maestra Gretchen earned her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL)  from Western Washington University and a Master’s degree in teaching from the University of Portland. At sixteen, Maestra Gretchen had her first experience being immersed in the Spanish language when she lived in Chile.¡Fue una experiencia increible! From then on being immersed in different cultures and learning languages would continue to be a part of her life. After her undergraduate degree, she spent two years teaching English abroad in Spain and then glacier guided in Alaska and New Zealand, so she loves the outdoors.  She is originally from Juneau, Alaska, which usually doesn’t get much sun. Spending time in Bend has been wonderful and a lot sunnier than Juneau, Alaska! Most recently, Maestra Gretchen worked in Portland as a second grade Spanish Dual Language teacher. She is passionate about the importance of Bilingual education in her student’s lives and the doors that language opens when students are empowered to communicate with people from a diverse range of countries and cultures.  Ella está muy emocionada por el aprendizaje que tendremos en este año escolar y no puede esperar para conocerles a todos.

Gretchen Dierking 2nd Grade Teacher

Maestro Drew is a lifelong learner with a passion for exploring and sharing knowledge. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in PreK-12 Bilingual Education along with minors in Anthropology and Spanish. During his undergraduate years, he lived and studied in Spain and Argentina and became a fluent speaker of Spanish. He has teaching experience in schools as well as summer camps, working with students of all ages. Drew is excited to help fulfill the Bend International School  mission to increase the academic achievement of each student, and also looks to inspire students to think critically and creatively through hands-on and investigative activities. Drew loves living in Bend and fits in well with the community as he enjoys mountain biking, backcountry skiing, and hiking in the mountains during his free time.

Drew Branstrom 4th grade Teacher

Maestro Vidal  was born and raised in a border town in south Texas.  His parents were migrant workers originally from Zacatecas, Mexico.  Growing up, his family visited ‘El Rancho’ in Zacatecas annually, during the summers they would work in Michigan, Indiana, and Nebraska.  Vidal earned two degrees from The University of Texas at Austin—a Bachelor of Science in physics and a Master of Arts in science education. His teaching philosophy is built around the idea that experience is the best teacher. His goal is to cultivate rich and transformative experiences within the classroom and in the field. He does this through unique and exciting projects, hands-on lessons, and memorable field trips. He likes to challenge students so they can reach their maximum potential as learners.  Cid taught middle school science for 12 years in Austin, Texas, then he and his family moved to Central Oregon 6 years ago. He is excited by the opportunity to build a powerful culture of learning at Bend International School.

Vidal Cid Middle School Science Teacher



Maestro Josh  has been actively exploring the world since his childhood growing up in the high desert of Central Oregon. After graduating from the University of Oregon with his Master’s degree in Teaching and Learning. He went to pursue his passion for teaching and international travel in Thailand.

After stints teaching around the world in Bangkok, Switzerland, and Beirut, Lebanon, Josh returned to the United States to teach Social Studies, English, and Outdoor Sports for 4 years at an international boarding school near Lake Tahoe. He is passionately devoted students obtaining a growth mindset during their middle school careers. He has always taken a keen interest in the humanities and international affairs and looks forward to sharing his knowledge and expertise with the students of BIS.  One of his favorite parts of teaching is establishing relationships with students to make his class a safe inclusive community where all voices are heard and respected.

Josh Colvin Middle School Humanities Teacher




Maestro Mateo grew up surfing at the beaches of Southern California and playing every sport known to kids. He helped his high school win a CIF soccer title in his sophomore year and reach the semi-finals during his junior year.  His soccer playing career continued into the semi-professional ranks where he even played two games against former Men’s National Team coach Jurgen Klinsman and many other professional players. Following his passion for soccer, Mateo became the youngest head soccer coach in the state of California for Golden West College where he led the program to multiple playoff appearances in his 10 plus years at the helm. While serving as the college’s soccer coach, Mateo earned his Master’s Equivalency in Physical Education going on to teach P.E. at the college level. Mateo is zealous for the outdoors and has hiked to numerous peaks in many different mountain ranges throughout the world. He has traveled to over 30 countries exploring his love for diverse cultures. Mateo reached bilingualism in Spanish while traveling through South America. Mateo pursued his heart’s goal of teaching Physical Education once again and finished a teaching credential. He is a family man with two boys and is an avid runner, bicyclist, and hiker. Mateo’s vast teaching experiences, including teaching English as a Second Language, Adaptive P.E., Skiing (Colorado), Junior Lifeguards (Huntington Beach), High School P.E., youth soccer camps, and coaching at all levels will help him bring much experience to BIS. Mateo is extremely excited to join the BIS staff and help the students learn about all that Physical Education has to offer.



Mateo Wells Physical Education Teacher

Señora Monica is a native Spanish speaker who grew up in the city of Santiago, Chile. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and has spent several years living and teaching abroad. In Germany, she studied at the University of Nürnberg and had the opportunity to intern in schools in Mannheim and Berlin. Monica also lived and taught Spanish for one year in New Zealand.

 She has more than 8 years of teaching experience, several of which, were spent working in some of the most prestigious schools and institutes in her homeland of Chile. In those positions she always worked to create a strong connection between her students and the second language they were learning; always conveying the importance of understanding another culture and way of thought. 

Life has taught her that to know more than one language and be in contact with different cultures helps you to have a wider perspective, in many fields of life, and that is what she strives to cast to her students.  



Monica Gallup After Care Coordinator and 4th and 5th Grade Education Assistant




Maestra Ashlen Franco was born in Bend and is studying online to complete her degree in Elementary Education. After high school, she spent a year living abroad and studying in northern England, which is also where she met her Argentinian husband. The following year, she studied abroad in Madrid, Spain, while having the opportunity to live with a Spanish family and teach private English lessons. Through this experience, she was able to learn Spanish as a second language. She is now settled in Bend with her husband, where they enjoy hiking, kayaking, reading, art, and spending time with family and friends. Her joy comes from being able to inspire students to believe in their abilities and encouraging them to persevere through challenges. Ashlen is very excited to be working alongside the BIS staff and assisting in the third grade class this year!

Ashlen Franco 3rd Grade Education Assistant


Señor Peetie grew up in bilingual Miami, Florida where he was taught Spanish from a young age. In high school, he worked various jobs including camp counselor and prep cook at a Mediterranean restaurant. He attended Wesleyan Univeristy in Middletown, Connecticut, earning a Bachelors Degree in Film Studies. During his time at school, his Spanish got a little rusty; but after graduating he relocated to London, England where he managed a Spanish restaurant. It was here his Spanish and his cooking skills flourished again. Aside from his passion for cooking, Señor Peetie also enjoyed creative pursuits like theatre, comedy, improv, and music. He’s also a tour cyclist who rode his bicycle from Bend to Los Angeles and his currently planning his next big trip. Señor Peetie is excited to be a part of the diverse and enthusiastic community of Bend International School. 




Peetie Cook Global Lunch Coordinator



Señora Jeanvieve grew up in San Luis Obispo, California. She lived in the San Francisco Bay area for 10 years, where she met her husband of 17 years. In 2004 they decided to move to Bend, where her husband grew up. She has been an educator for 7 years. Her favorite part of working in a school is watching the students grow and learn throughout the school year. When not at school she likes to spend time with her daughter and husband going camping, mountain bike riding, hanging out at the lakes and cooking for family and friends. She is thrilled to be a member of the Bend International School family.



Jeanvieve Wilson 1st Grade Education Assistant and Education Assistant Coordinator

Señora Kimberly  grew up in the shadows of the Cascade Mountains, and is excited to be a part of the local and global community at Bend International School. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and History from Middlebury College in Vermont, and a master’s degree in Literary Nonfiction from the University of Oregon. She serves as a nonfiction writer for regional publications, has taught at Washburn University, Central Oregon Community, and the Deschutes Public Library, and previously worked with administration duties at The Bulletin and Deschutes Brewery. Her travels include explorations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America, where she learned that what is most important to her is discovering how we all connect. She is grateful to be serving our community, and our world, through the dynamic possibilities of education.

Kimberly Bowker Office Manager

Maestra Tere grew up bilingual in Santiago, Chile where she attended the International School Nido de Aguilas. She received a BA in Early Childhood Education from Educares University and a Masters Degree in Early Literacy from Delaware University. Maestra Tere’s career has taken her from Santiago, Chile, where she taught kindergarten at a bilingual school, to Arizona, where she taught kindergarten and first grade in the Navaho Nation. She also co-founded an Expeditionary Learning middle school in Tucson, Arizona where she taught humanities for five years. For much of the last decade, she has worked as a primary teacher and instructional guide in an Expeditionary Learning school in Salt Lake City, Utah. Maestra Tere is passionate about connecting learning to real-world issues and needs and teaching immersed in discovery, inquiry, critical thinking and collaboration. In her free time she enjoys hiking, cooking, skate skiing, spending time with her nieces, and live music. Tere and her husband Dirk, a school leader in Bend, have a 23-year-old daughter who lives in Utah. Maestra Tere is thrilled to work at Bend International School  and looks forward to engaging in the meaningful work that happens here!

Tere Pelaez 1st Grade Teacher

Maestra Beth received her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish from the University of Oregon and her Master’s in Teacher Education from Eastern Oregon University. Beth lived in Santiago, Chile for a year and has traveled extensively throughout South America. She is passionate about traveling, learning and exploring new places. She has traveled to Mexico, Thailand, and throughout Europe. Beth has lived in Bend for 19 years. She is married and has three children. Her hobbies include reading, camping, hiking, and trail running with her golden retriever, Callie. Beth has eight years of experience teaching and working with children. Her first teaching position was at Vern Patrick Elementary in Redmond, Oregon where she taught Spanish to students in grades first-fifth. She then taught fourth grade at the same school. Beth joined the BIS staff for it’s inaugural year where she was the librarian and an electives teacher. She is very excited to be teaching third grade at BIS this year. Beth loves teaching and enjoys providing many different types of educational experiences for her students including hands-on, meaningful activities that enable her students to be active participants in their learning. Beth believes strongly in establishing a caring, positive classroom environment where children feel comfortable and are excited and motivated to learn!

Beth Bengston 3rd Grade Teacher

Maestra Amanda  is a passionate teacher and world-traveler. Having grown up with a strong sense of curiosity and passion for learning, Amanda excitedly dove head first in many facets of education. She graduated summa cum laude from Western Oregon University in 2009, having completed studies in both Psychology and Health. After graduation, she felt a strong pull towards helping children through vibrant, welcoming learning opportunities, as well as developing their own personal goals and passions. Amanda used this motivation to travel to China to help a publishing company write curriculum materials, and to come home and complete her Masters of Teaching at Willamette University in 2012, with additional endorsements in Mathematics, Health Education, and as a Reading Specialist. Additionally, Amanda volunteers for a non-profit as their Education Coordinator serving an orphanage in Haiti, and was recently added to board of directors for Nerds Abroad. As an educator, her teaching style is defined by both her enthusiasm towards learning and the strong relationships she fosters with all students in her class, allowing her to focus on differentiated instruction, reaching all students, and making learning fun. Those who know Amanda are often struck by her magnetism and deep commitment to her work of making the world more loving and equitable for everyone.

Amanda Wright 5th Grade Teacher

Maestra Margy is excited to be at Bend International School this year as a middle school math teacher. She received her BA from Miami University (in Ohio) and her Master of Teacher Education degree from Eastern Oregon University. She has over seven years of teaching experience in the Bend-La Pine Schools. After starting her career as a science educator at Marshall High School, she started teaching math, as well, and realized that was what she truly loved. She eventually moved on to teach math at High Desert Middle School before joining the team at BIS. Math is her passion, and she loves solving problems and puzzles of all types. She is thrilled to be teaching at this innovative school and working with this dedicated staff and enthusiastic families! She has two young children of her own, both are students at Bend International School. She loves living in Bend and having access to all of the adventures that Central Oregon has to offer. She is delighted to have  BIS in this community, as it will bring a bit of the rest of the world into our lives, right here in Oregon!

Margy Hoffman Middle School Math Teacher

Maestra Saskia is a certified Spanish and ESL teacher with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree which she obtained from the University of Cologne, Germany. She is a native German who recently relocated to Central Oregon with her husband who she loves to travel with.  She grew up traveling with her mother who flew with Lufthansa Airlines. Besides traveling, she loves the outdoors, dancing, riding her bike, cooking and baking. Her interest in cultural exchange and teaching led her to living in different parts of the world such as Argentina, Australia, Spain, Mexico and throughout the United States, where she has gained extensive experience in different educational and multilingual settings. For her, being able to speak multiple languages is an important step towards true cultural understanding and developing a more global perspective. Learning in a multilingual and multicultural setting is a wonderful experience which helps a person become more aware of the greater world in which they live along with its beautiful diversity.

For the past two years Saskia taught as an English and Spanish teacher in Berlin at a school with vast cultural diversity, having students from nearly every continent. Saskia’s teaching philosophy is largely guided by a strong belief in the value of building relationships with each of her students as an important step towards realizing every student’s potential. She encourages critical thinking as it is one of the most important  skills in the 21st century and using it in a second language to reflect on individual and global challenges. She is passionate about seeing students grow in this way and develop into independent and confident young adults.

Saskia Ames Spanish Teacher

Maestra Elizabeth received her Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Colorado and her Master’s in English Education from the Teachers College at Columbia University. Elizabeth has lived and taught in Italy, Switzerland and Lebanon. Elizabeth has twelve years of experience teaching and working with students from all over the world. She has over 7years of experience teaching ELL students how to improve their English skills. Over her career she has spent time as an academic dean, college counselor and English teacher.  She is very excited to be curating our library and teaching English Language Learners.





Outside of school she spends her time mountain biking and skiing with her family all around Central Oregon.  Elizabeth loves sharing her passion for reading and literature with students and helping them discover the magical world of fiction.

Elizabeth Colvin Librarian and ELL Teacher


Señora Yenny Aliaga graduated with a degree in Primary Education, and also completed studies of a Masters in Education degree.  She has extensive professional experience in the field of education,  she has been Directorate of Educational Institutions, and teacher trainer of the Ministry of Education of Peru. She is happy to be a part of the BIS work family, working as a teacher assistant.  Her main objective is to facilitate a positive environment that facilitates the learning of all students. She is a responsible, patient, positive professional, with great teaching, and punctual and committed to BIS.  And she is certainly fluent in Spanish!





Yenny Aliaga Before Care Coordinator and 3rd Grade Education Assistant

Maestra Jill  is an artist and educator originally from Lawrence, Kansas. She received her BAE
and BFA at the University of Kansas. After an amazing experience student teaching with DOD school in Naples, Italy, she continued to pursue international teaching assignments in Wiesbaden, Germany and finally Tampico, Mexico. While in Tampico she gained an understanding of the Spanish language and hopes to practice her spanish at BIS. Jill returned to the states to complete her Masters in Painting from the Cal State, Fresno and then teach in both Californiaand Colorado.Jill has now been in Oregon for the last 3 years with her two young children. She enjoys painting, gardening and home remodeling, along with exploring the beauty of Central Oregon. Jill has an endless love of travel, art and teaching; she has adventured in China, Costa Rica, Thailand, Panama, Europe and much of Mexico. Jill’s teaching philosophy is that every child should have the opportunity to express themselves through art, her goal is to foster a love and appreciation of visual art in each student. And at the same time, have a lot of fun! While working part time at Bend International School  she is a practicing artist and is part of a weekly figure drawing group. Jill is thrilled to be a part of Bend International School , also you can view her artist website at

Jill Tisdale Art Teacher


Señora Lucina has been an active part of the Bend International School  Community since its inception.  She is the proud mother of 3 Bend International School students and an active parent volunteer. She has also worked at Bend International School in the role of the lunch coordinator, classroom educational assistant, and office manager.  Currently she is the part time Office Manager for Bend International School. As a native Spanish speaker, she is able to use her fluency to assist our Spanish speaking families. Lucina is originally from Mexico, but has spent most of her life growing up in Hood River, Oregon.






Lucina Hernandez Assistant Office Manager

Señorita Sydney has a passion for travel, fashion, trying new cuisines, and learning languages. She graduated from OSU with a double degree in French and Spanish and had the opportunity to study abroad in Ecuador, Spain, and France as part of my studies. These adventures prompted her to want to live abroad, and after she graduated she moved to Nanjing, China to teach English. It was an amazing experience to be fully immersed in another culture, and be surrounded by people from all over the world. However, now that she is back in Bend, she is excited to use her Spanish every day, and help others reach their language goals. I believe that when you speak to someone in their native tongue, you speak to their heart, not their head. This saying has helped fuel my passion for learning new languages as well as inspiring others to do the same. Even during quarantine, she tried to stay busy, and she decided to teach herself Tagalog (Filipino language), which has been a great pastime and challenge.  She can’t wait to be part of the Bend International School team this year!


Sydney Meeuwesen Intermediate Education Assistant







Maestra Shireen is a singer-songwriter based in Bend, Oregon who performs conscious world-soul-pop in her one-woman show and is the lead singer of Latin dance rock band, ¡Chiringa! With background in world music and drum circle facilitation, making music with Shireen is both exciting and connecting. She has worked with youth for over 12 years teaching drumming, singing, and songwriting through principles of empowerment, creativity, and of course, fun!




Shireen Amini Music Teacher