How much does it cost to enroll at Bend International School?

It’s free we’re a publicly funded charter school that is tuition-free for all students.

When can I apply?

You can apply any day of the year.  We hold a lottery once a year in the spring to determine placement for the upcoming school year.  If your lottery number is not chosen you will remain on our waitlist and if a spot opens up you will be notified to tell you that there is an opening for your child.

How many students attend Bend International School?

Our current enrollment is 203 students.  We have one class per grade level K-8.

Does Bend International School have transportation?

Bend International School does have a bus for field trips, but not for student transport to and from school.  Students carpool , drive, walk, bike, and bus (city bus) to school. BIS has an inhouse carpool program which matches families with families who live in their area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Bend International School?

Any student grades K-8 that live in either Bend Lapine School District or any of the surrounding area districts like Redmond School District, Sisters School District, and Crook County School district.

Why is it called an international school?

Our curriculum is based on developing global citizens of the world.  We emphasize communicating across cultures, teaching students the Spanish language and recognizing that strength lies in being a diverse community of learners engaged to help solve the global issues of the 21st century.  The three components of international schools are: building global competence, increasing diversity and equity, and offering a world language program.  International schools are known for their rigor and outstanding academic results. 

Does Bend International School have sports programs and compete against other local schools?

Yes, Bend International School has many sports programs.  Currently we have our own soccer teams for grades K-3.  Bend International School students may play on any local school’s team. Students register through Bend Parks and Rec.  If Bend International School is not listed as a school to select, then select “Other”, and write in Bend International School.  Bend International School  students will then be grouped together on a neighboring school’s team. Bend International School  and Realms Middle School Programs collaborate together on a Cross Country Program.  Bend International School  is building a gym in 2020 and looks forward to many basketball and volleyball teams in the near future!