BIS Sports Teams

Bend International School competes with local public schools in soccer, basketball, and MS Volleyball and X-Country. Sports are international, of course! Any questions, please contact Maestro Mateo at: ** YES, we are looking for volunteer coaches!! ** Register (and indicate if you can coach) at or let Maestro Mateo know for any of the MS sports besides soccer. **BPRD Scholarships link available on the registration website

Find out more about all of the sports teams Bend International School offers students grades K-8 by clicking on the buttons below.

Physical Education

Physical education at Bend International School is an essential part of our program. Maintaining a healthy active life is critical to student’s future success both academically and emotionally. PE class at Bend International School are taught in Spanish grades K-8. Student fitness is tracked throughout all 9 years students attend the school . Students gain comprehensive skills in a variety of sports and activities during PE class. PE is held both inside our gym and outside on our soccer field depending on the weather and activity. Students also attend field trips to places like the Trampoline Zone and Juniper Swim Center to extend our program beyond our campus.

Health and Wellness

Bend International School students value healthy lifestyles. Wellness education is taught in all grades and students receive age appropriate health lessons each year in school. Topics include mental health, nutrition, emotional awareness, cybersafety, and executive functioning skills.  We believe in the whole child, all of our staff reinforce healthy choices and make sure that students have the foundational knowledge to lead a healthful life.  Special attention is given to student’s mental health and  staff are trained to provide support for students emotional wellbeing.

Health and Safety Reports

At Bend International School we strive to provide a safe and healthy environment for all students. Below you can find our health and safety reports