Character Education

Our curriculum is modeled to unlock the full potential of students.  Students who join Bend International School will gain a global sense of the world and will have the power to engage in it in meaningful ways.   Students master basic skills and then apply them in meaningful work, correlated with their integrated unit of study, which create deeper more meaningful learning fo all of our students K-8.  We integrate STEAM into our curriculum fusing the sciences, technology, engineering and art into our innovative curriculum. Math is taugh through a blend of rigorous practical instruction and opportunities for students to extend their learning through real world projects.  At Bend International School we are stewards of our environments and students are given opportunities to connect with nature and explore our impact on the environment.  We provide opportunities for students to participate in meaningful projects to benefit their local communities and the world through our end of unit  culminations, which give families, students, and faculty the time to celebrate student learning and achievement. 

International Education

The international education that students experience when attending Bend International School promotes global competence among students which is the capacity and disposition to understand and act on issues of global significance. The four main skills of global competence are investigating  the world which  builds knowledge of our place in the world  and the cultures who reside in it.
Secondly student learn to  recognize diverse perspectives, they gain fluency in the ability to understand multiple viewpoints. Thirdly students learn to communicate their ideas, students at Bend International School all will have the ability to communicate effectively with  diverse groups of people. Finally students at our school learn to take action they will have  the ability to design a plan and put it into effect to make changes in the world. The other key compenents of our international education program seek to build language fluency in Spanish and English through the immersion model of language instruction and to promote diversity in Bend and multicultural understanding through our curricular program, our staff and student population, and our Sister-School exchange project

Philosophy of Teaching

We believe in providing a caring and supportive environment for every child, Every child can succeed at Bend International School.  We respect every child and teach to accomodate differences in backgrounds, learning styles, and ability levels.   Our teachers are excited about making learning fun for students and enjoyable each and every day.  The faculty at Bend International School work in a collaborative manner to refine our innovative program each year.  Our staff values global competency and having providing an international framework for our curriculum.  We above all else strive to make learning meaningful and relevant for all of our students K-8.  We believe in a student centered learning environment that provides for meaningful ownership  and student choice during classroom instructional time.  Our teachers acknowledge the value of parent involvement and communicate regularly with parents and guardians.  As a staff we engage in consistent and purposeful reflection to hone and improve our program each year.